Those of us who have stick-straight, stubby, or super-thin lashes consider eyelash extensions the most revolutionary beauty invention since, well, mascara. The greatest choice for those too impatient for castor oil to work or too busy conquering the world to thoroughly swipe on three coats of mascara every day, a 2-hour-long session with a lash extension professional will leave them with fluttery, full, sky-scraping lashes (or a more natural-looking appearance, based what you asked for). However—as with all good things—your (faux) fringe ultimately will come to an end.

So you’ve had your long, and luscious eyelash extensions applied by your lash artist, and not only do you love them, but you wish to preserve them forever and ever! Why? Because they give you a fabulous appearance and you want to hold onto that “just went to the salon” look for days, weeks, and months to come!

Eyelash extension maintenance—a concept that may sound intimidating but is essentially manageable as long as you have the finest expert-approved tips to guide you. To get our facts straight, we spoke to our in-house experts if there was anything we could do to make our extensions last a little while longer between touch-ups. As it turns out, there are lots of tips.

Tip 1. Ask for Lighter Extension

The thicker the eyelash extensions, the heavier they tend to be, and the more they will fall and peel out. Experts recommend always asking your individual lash specialist for lighter individual lashes around the .07 mm and .04 mm range if you want your makeover to stay on longer.

Tip 2. Stash The Eyelash Curler

Eyelash extensions, if done at a trustworthy place under a skilled artist, are long-lasting, but not indestructible. So don’t go test their limits by crumpling your lashes with an eyelash curler or other lash lift accessories.

Tip 3. Choose Extensions Closest to Your Natural Lash Shape

Always tell your aesthetician to pick extensions that are closest to the shape of your natural lashes. If you choose to go the super-curly route and your own lashes are straight, they will prematurely fall off. Straight-lashed girls—there’s still something you can do. Experts recommend using a heated eyelash curler on your extensions afterward to highlight the curl.

Tip 4. Mind Your Eyes

Your super-rich night serum may help you wake up with an enviable complexion, but it’s not doing your lash extensions any good. Experts suggest that you should avoid your eye area if you must use heavy night creams or serums. The oils from the cream will cause glue breakdown and cause your lashes to prematurely fall out.

Tip 5. Use an Eyelash Sealer

Applying an eyelash sealer as your morning routine will help your lashes remain glued in place longer. Experts recommend eyelash sellers that contain both hyaluronic serum and acrylic to help the extensions adhere and remain conditioned and healthy.

Tip 6. Ditch the Waterproof Mascara

Though you don’t have to put on mascara once you get lash extensions, occasionally you might want to add some extra ‘oomph’ to your makeover. In this situation, avoid waterproof formulas no matter what—they’re much more difficult to remove and all that towing is bad news for your lash extensions’ life span of

Tip 7. Sleep on Your Back

Stomach sleepers, the bad news: Sleeping with your face smushed into your pillow can cause your extensions to fall out quicker. Instead, you need to try to lay on your back for necessary eyelash extension maintenance. Moreover, be sure to do so while using a silk pillowcase; thus in case of a rollover, your lashes will remain pampered and less likely to be pulled out.

Tip 8. Go for Gentle Face Washing Regimen and Oil-Free Makeup Remover

Generally, an important principle for eyelash extension maintenance is to avoid poking your eye area. If you need to remove your eye makeup, experts recommend using a sensitive, low-alkaline soap and always use an oil-free makeup remover. After your shower, always blow-dry your lashes on the lightest, coolest setting. Then just brush them down and out—very gently and without much pressure—which will help them mature in an even direction.

Tip 9. Apply Eyeliner Sparingly

Just like mascara, eyeliner is barely necessary. Most women just pat some eyeshadow and define the outer edges with a darker shade. When you feel like playing up the emphasis, apply eyeliner, but without tightening.

Firstly because it’s not necessary; furthermore because it’s pretty tedious removing eyeliner from the waterline. You’ll have to be very vigilant not to get the cotton bud fibers onto the root of the extension.

Tip 10. Resist Urge To Rub

Do you love rubbing your eyes? Well, if you get eyelash extensions on, you’ll ultimately have to curb that rubbing habit.

Tip 11. Condition To Support Natural Lashes

Eyelash serums have been proven to promote the growth, strengthening, and lengthening of eyelashes. This will help support and make your natural lashes go stronger

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