There are eyelash extension supplies and products that some lash artists might consider “extra” and then, there are tools and supplies considered “MUST-HAVES” that lash artists couldn’t lash without! Below we have broken down the essentials and elaborated on why you need them for lash extensions. We will also subtly discuss the extras and how they enhance your lash extension experience.


Top-Notch Lashes

Well, duh! High-quality eyelashes are vital for every extension, and something that would want to invest in. A wearer wears their pair all day, every day, and will notice if the lash artist goes the cheap route, and some may not take too kindly to it! Investing in some good quality lashes will pay back since they will hold their curl while still appearing natural.

Types of Lash Tweezers

Tweezers are a crucial tool for lashing. You need to have two pairs of tweezers to accomplish a lash extension. And why is that? The first set of tweezers called isolation tweezers is strictly for “isolating” each natural lash to ensure the perfect application. This means that no other natural extension or lash, other than the one being applied, will attach to the natural strand you have picked. In short, isolation tweezers single out your natural lash of choice for an immaculate application. They are universally designed to serve this purpose.

The next set of tweezers that you require are lashing tweezers. As a lash expert, you need to hold isolation tweezers in one hand and lashing tweezers in the other hand. You have to use the lash tweezers to pick up and apply your lash extensions. The tweezers can be straight, commonly used for classic lashes, or they can be curved tweezers or L-shaped, used for volume lash extensions.

Since as a lash extension artist, you will use these on every single client for every single extension you do, investing in tweezers that you love and trust should be your number one goal. Trust us on this; it will be worth it!

Tape for Eyelash Extension

For those of you who are new to lash extension, you may be wondering, ‘Tape? For what?’ Well, it’s going to become your savior as a lash artist, trust us on this! The tape is used before lashing to tame stubborn bottom lashes. Without proper taping, lower lashes crisscross with the field of work, i.e., upper lashes, resulting in a client’s eye getting glued shut. This just ruins your performance as a lash artist.

Medical safe tape that’s adequately gentle to be used around the delicate eye area is the best idea.

Lash Brushes

Having these babies on hand during your service will help keep your lash extensions upright, separated, and in order. Without brushing your lashes, they could completely adhere at a strange angle, or worse, STICK! Lash brushes are great for so many reasons, but their number one objective is to ensure everything stays separated.

Primer and Micro-brushes

You need a primer for every client, to apply to every lash strand, for every extension! Why? Because primer makes sure that all oils and debris are stripped from the lashes before application. This will make a massive difference in your client’s retention, especially because once they walk out the door, we won’t know how they treat their lash extensions. It is up to the wearer to follow the instructions for optimal retention. Every aspect of retention can’t be controlled, but one thing a lash artist can do is use a primer.

The primer needs to be applied with micro brushes. Using a Q-tip or any other object may cause residual debris particles on your client’s lashes or dripping of product!

Eyelash Adhesive

This is the product that will literally hold everything together! The adhesive is probably the most crucial part of each extension. Buying an adhesive that you can trust is significant for your career. Research your choices and make sure you have a suitable adhesive ready for every single service.


There are a lot of supplies that count as ‘extras’ that you can invest in to enhance each extension process and take your clients’ experience to the next level maximizing their retention. Here we have mentioned them in the order of how you should prioritize them:

1. Eyelash Adhesive Remover

You will need remover once you begin lashing, but it isn’t required for every extension. You will benefit from having it in situations where you have a client come in with inappropriate lash work (meaning their lashes are entirely jacked!). Some people could even just want their lashes removed for their own personal reasons. This is something you need to be equipped for.

2. Eye Pads

Eye pads will make the appointment so much for comfortable for the whole extension process. And, as the last artist, your client’s comfort is what matters the MOST! Eye pads make sure that all of those little bottom lashes stay secure and tucked.

Here at LASH4U, we supply high quality lash extensions product at a very competitive price.

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