Our natural beauty and reduce the daily effort you put into your beauty routine. When asked why, lash experts cite a huge array of benefits. Let’s discourse some of the most popular benefits that will change your mind!

They Boost Your Self Confidence

Many, lash wearers report wearing less makeup and feeling a boost in their self-confidence while they have eyelash extensions. People like the freedom of rolling out of bed and still looking like they are wearing full mascara and liner. This adds considerably to their self-image.

Decrease time from your daily make-up routine

contrary to what many people assume, many eyelash extension wearers are not ultra-glam women. Many of the people who opt for extensions are very active athletes, businesswomen, instructors, or moms who do not wear much makeup all the time. Eyelash extensions offer these ladies just enough of a glamour boost to feel relaxed and beautiful while not putting on any makeup.

They don’t need a comprehensive make-up routine during their exercise classes or playdates, or they could simply add a light foundation and brows before heading out of their work. When you don’t have to wear a full face of makeup, it means much less time getting ready each day.

You can feel extra glamorous for special events or vacation

Many long-time eyelash extension wearers begin as special event clients. Their initial visit to a lash artist might have been before their wedding, reunion, or particular vacation. Lash extensions are considered a great beauty service to get a few days prior to your big day or vacation. The added touch of glamour will boost your self-confidence and will focus the attention of your guests or party-goers.

Additionally, having eyelash extensions on your vacation will help you to feel confident at the poolside while in makeup and lessen the amount of time spent getting ready for outings and meals.

Bid Farewell strip lashes & mascara

There is nothing worse than a mascara that goes awry. Whether it’s summertime humidity that results in a raccoon eye or the last layer of mascara turning your beautiful lashes into a clumpy, dry mess, mascara always offers an additional level of drama to makeup. Nothing is more annoying than spending time doing your makeup just to mess up, and ending up reapplying every bit all over again.

The same goes for putting on false eyelashes. Unless you have been using false lashes for yourself for a while, you know the hassle of messing with the glue, trying to get the edges to remain in place, and doing this all while not messing up your final look. By investing in a professional lash lift kit, you can bid farewell to the drama that comes with strip lashes and mascara for good.

Instant Satisfaction

Many extension candidates begin their eyelash extension journey since their natural lashes are very weak or short. A lash serum can help promote the growth of natural lashes to increase the length and volume of your lashes. While reputable lash serums can offer fantastic results, these results typically take between 3-5 months to appear. Eyelash extensions offer instant satisfaction for wearers who are in search of immediate results.

The most satisfying thing about eyelash extensions, when applied by a skilled professional, is that wearers can use a lash serum even when they have eyelash extensions. This means treating their natural lashes, and thus, they will continue to improve in length and volume, AND the wearer gets the instant satisfaction of longer lashes through lash extensions. A win-win situation so difficult to look over.

Obviously, we at Lash4u are serious believers in the wonderful advantages of eyelash extensions. We’d love to be your lash artists!

Maintenance Of Your Eyelash Extensions:

Getting lash extensions is a quite high maintenance task.

You have to wait 48 hours following the application procedure before you can be anywhere around moisture or get them wet.

And even after the 48 hours, you are supposed to blow dry your lash extensions on the cool setting every time they get wet.

When you are blow-drying the lash extensions, you should comb through your lashes with a tiny spoolie brush, typically provided by your lash artist.

Things To Remember About Eyelash Extensions

  • When you get lash extensions, you need to switch up your skincare regimen for the time being.
  • You won’t be able to use any oil-based facial cleansers or any heavy eye cream.
  • Using heavy eye creams or oil-based supplies will cause your extensions to be worn out and fall much faster.
  • And you are not supposed to wear mascara when you have lash extensions either.

Here at LASH4U, we supply high quality lash extensions product at a very competitive price.

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